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Everything you need to know about laser tattoo removal


To remove tattoos, call a good dermatologist with the latest techniques. In Bordeaux, Dr. Vincent Cante details laser tattoo removal.

The tattoo is often the expression of a feeling, a thought or a taste at a specific moment in our existence. However, it is also sometimes an act carried out following a bet or on a whim for example. In any case, this indelible design or pattern can, over time, become annoying, even unbearable. It is when you want to eliminate it that laser tattoo removal takes on its full importance. Here is everything you need to know about this act which can be life-saving in some cases with Dr. Vincent Cante, dermato-esthetician in Bordeaux.

Laser tattoo removal, how does it work?

The tattoo is made from ink injected into the dermis, that is to say the middle layer of the skin. With the laser, the pigment particles are split into smaller particles so that they can be evacuated by the body via the white blood cells.

Tattoo removal requires several sessions, because not all the particles can be fragmented enough to be evacuated on the first try. It is therefore necessary to return to it several times in order to further fragment the particles that are too large.

Who is laser tattoo removal for?

Laser tattoo removal is for anyone who wants to get rid of a tattoo, regardless of the part of the body. It is also possible for permanent makeup, provided that it is black or brown.

Unlike laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal works on all skin types because it is not the same technology. It is more the type of pigment used that will make the task difficult. Indeed, a tattoo in color will be more difficult to erase than a tattoo only in black ink, and all the more so if it was made on dark skin.

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What should be done before, after and between sessions?

Laser tattoo removal is an effective but painful technique. This is why 1 to 2 hours before the session, it is recommended to apply a thick layer of anesthetic cream to reduce sensitivity.

After the session, it is advisable to apply a fatty substance repeatedly to activate healing. Indeed, given the fact that the laser bursts the pigments under the skin, this can cause scabs that must be helped to heal.

The time between each session is at least 2 months. First of all, this allows time for the worked area to heal properly, but also for the immune system to evacuate as many pigments as possible. This avoids reworking on pigments that could have been evacuated without further intervention.

It is particularly important not to expose yourself to the sun in the month following a laser tattoo removal session.

Does removing a tattoo leave scars?

The first scar is created by the tattoo itself since the tattoo artist uses more or less deep needles to inject the ink, creating microlesions similar to scarification. These scars are not visible as long as the tattoo is present, since they are simply masked by the ink.

On the other hand, the use of the laser can increase these scars, but it remains difficult to know what proportion of the scar should be attributed to the laser after tattoo removal. Especially since each skin heals differently and marks more or less.

How much does tattoo removal cost?

The overall cost of laser tattoo removal depends on the length of each session and the number of sessions needed.

A session represents an average cost of 100 to 150 €, but it depends directly on the size of the area to be removed. For example, for a tattoo the size of a credit card, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes per session. On the other hand, the more the tattoo is loaded with pigment, the longer each session will be.

To overcome a tattoo, it takes 2 to 10 sessions. Most tattoos require 4 to 8 sessions. It remains difficult to define the number of sessions necessary, because it depends on the ink used, but also on the depth to which the tattoo artist injected it. On the other hand, the more recent a tattoo, the more pigment it contains, making tattoo removal longer.

You now have all the information about laser tattoo removal. If you found that getting a tattoo was long and painful, know that removing it follows the same logic. However, the game is often worth the candle, especially if the tattoo has become really heavy for the wearer.

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