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Home builders: how to ensure the reliability of these craftsmen?


It’s not always easy to make the  right decisions  during a home construction project. Especially since such a project involves a certain diligence and patience, but above all a considerable price. This is why it is essential  to be accompanied  throughout the construction work.

In terms of support, a builder is undoubtedly the most qualified person to take charge of the site. And there again, choosing the  best builder  for your work is quite a challenge. The list of builders and contractors in France is as long as the possibility of finding an unreliable builder. Here are our tips for choosing a builder and ensuring their  perfect expertise .

How do you know if a home builder is reliable ?

Throughout the construction of a house on land, the builder officiates as the  main contact.  Its key role is multiple for the project to materialize successfully. And this success will never be achievable if the builder does not have  sufficient maturity  to carry the house construction project with both arms.

It should be noted that manufacturers are subject to  strict regulations . The law actually wanted to regulate this profession so that the responsibility for a construction site is fully assumed.  The National Union of Builders of Individual Houses  is intended to go in this direction. If the builder of your choice belongs to this collective, the guarantee of quality will be certain. It is therefore recommended to systematically check before signing the contract, and therefore to pay the price, that the manufacturer is integrated into this union.

But builders never work alone! Indeed, other project management craftsmen complete the site team. It is therefore just as important to find out about  the experience of the other craftsmen  on the project. Going for a walk on the grounds of its  old constructions can also be a good option to get a glimpse of its expertise.

What does the financial health of the home builder say?

It is essential to have full knowledge of the  financial capabilities  of a builder before putting the price in a construction contract.. The organization will then be able to provide you  with information about the good health, or even bad health, of the professional for your work.

The Internet is also an optimal way to fish for essential information before requesting a quote. Indeed, some sites make several data available to the public, such as the  company manager , the date of creation of his structure, the latest balance sheets or if he is concerned by any court decision. Finding out about any legal actions suffered by the manufacturer is an obligation for any customer wishing to use its services.

Finally, to be 100% sure that the manufacturer is in good financial health,  looking at the turnover  is also a good way to see it. Take a close look at  the evolution of its profits  and note any inequalities on its balance sheet, since the beginning of its professional activity until today. It is also possible to ask the manufacturer to justify a  bank guarantor .

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