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Why Choose Century Veneers for Your Home?


Veneers are thin pieces of wood which help form the finishing look of cabinets, wardrobes and doors. They are laminated or pressed onto an existing structure made of a different material to give them a new look which is both sleek and rustic.

Current trends suggest that customers prefer a homey and rustic look to their cabinets and wardrobes. While complete hardwood was the only option to tackle this trend, veneers became the modern solution. They have many advantages over other wood options while promising the exact deliverables.

The Advantages of Veneers

Here are the main reasons why veneers are on everyone’s radar:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Veneers provide the look of a finished wood product without the expense of using premium wood to build the structure. A clean design made from an affordable and durable material can have quality veneers fitted onto it. Veneers, thus,  serve the same purpose as any other hardwood work but at a considerably lower price. Going as low as Rs.50 per square foot, they are easily affordable to most making it a popular trend in the market.

2. Aesthetic value

Decorative veneers are on the rise in today’s market. A feel of intricate woodwork can be replicated with veneers and change the whole look of the furniture. Sleek designs, modern prints and an array of colour choices make variants of veneers virtually infinite. They are a great medium of artistic expression for interior designers.

3. Eco-friendliness

Veneers use significantly less wood than a structure entirely built out of wood. With the growing concern about climate change and deforestation rates, trying to be eco-friendly is at the forefront of everyone’s plans. Veneers are one such avenue where the contribution might seem small but make an ocean of a difference if done en-masse.

4. Climate Endurance

These thin pieces of wood have a higher tolerance to extreme temperatures. With very little expansion and compression rates, there is no worry about door jams. Their imbibition rates are also meagre, making them monsoon friendly. They have a year-long endurance making them preferable for permanent solutions.

Types of Veneers

  • Natural Veneers

Sheets wholly obtained from natural sources are called natural veneers. They don’t undergo other processes besides different cutting and slicing methods. They are liked for their authenticity and the fact that no two sheets have identical prints. Natural veneers are the closest to obtaining natural designs while remaining environment-friendly. This explains why veneers are trendy now.

  • Reconstituted Veneers

Veneer Sheets obtained from natural processes get passed through modern design techniques like laser cutting and imprinting. After adequate curing, they form reconstituted veneers. Dyeing and laser technology are some methods used to obtain them. With technology, precision can be a priority to obtain multiple exact copies.

Based on their manufacturing techniques, Veneers can further be classified into:

  • Natural veneer
  • Fine-line veneer
  • Shop-sawn veneer
  • Sliced wood veneer
  • 3D veneer

And many more. They are also classified based on the type of wood used, like Cherry, Birch, Nut, Pine and more.

Why choose Century Veneers?

Century Veneers has been India’s leading manufacturer of Veneers. Going by the name Century Veneers, they pledge to meet the contemporary standards in lifestyle to churn out modern designs which please the eye.

Practicality, Quality and Aestheticism are the main pillars of Century Ply’s virtues. They provide an experience of luxury while it is affordable, making them the best in the market for all your veneer needs. So, if you have a makeover for your kitchen in mind or a better wardrobe, look no further than Century Veneers!


Veneers are a great way to design your interiors, giving them a classy and intricate look. They are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and long-lasting making them the perfect choice for your home. With a vast array of design choices, you can keep up with the current trends with veneers and curate the ideal design to match your aesthetics. Century Veneers is a great one-stop shop for all your veneer needs. So, what’s stopping you? Switch to veneers today!

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