How To Write Faster In Your UPSC Exam?


The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam is one of the most strenuous exams in India, and writing pace is a crucial factor in achieving success and fulfilling your goal. In the UPSC exam, candidates have to compose long answers, essays, and reports within a limited time frame. Therefore, it is necessary to have effective strategies to write faster in the UPSC exam.

How To Write Faster In Your UPSC Exam

Here are some tips that can help you write faster and improve your chances of success:

Practice Writing

Practice is the key to triumph in the UPSC exam as the UPSC CSE mains syllabus is very vast. Candidates should acquire a habit of writing regularly. They can write on various topics, such as current affairs, politics, social issues, and more. This practice will help them develop writing skills, and they will be able to write faster and more accurately, and thoroughly in the exam.

Plan Your Time

Time management is important in the UPSC exam. Candidates should schedule their time carefully and allot enough time for each question. They should also prioritize questions based on their strengths and weaknesses. This strategy will help them finish the exam on time and avoid last-minute rushes.

Use Simple Language

Using complicated vocabulary and sentence structures can slow down your writing speed. Therefore, candidates should use simple and clear language to convey their thoughts. This approach will also make it easier for the examiner to comprehend their answers.

Use Abbreviations

Using abbreviations can save time while penning long answers. For example, instead of writing “Government of India,” candidates can use “GoI.” However, candidates should be careful while using abbreviations and ensure that they are generally used and understood.

Use Diagrams and Flowcharts

Diagrams and flowcharts can be useful ways to represent information and ideas. Candidates can use diagrams and flowcharts to demonstrate their answers and convey their message more efficiently. This strategy can also save time while writing long answers.

Read the Question Carefully

Candidates should look over the question carefully before answering. This method will help them understand the question’s requirements and avoid writing irrelevant information. Moreover, candidates should accentuate the keywords in the question to ensure that they address them in their answers.

Use Short Paragraphs

Short paragraphs can enhance the readability of your answers and make them easier to understand. Candidates should aim to write short and concise paragraphs that convey a single idea or thought. This technique will also make it easier for them to structure their answers and save time while writing.

Write in Points

Writing in points can help candidates organize their thoughts and ideas more effectively. Moreover, writing in points can also save time and make the answer more readable. Candidates should use bullet points to highlight the key points in their answers.

Avoid Overwriting

Candidates should avoid overwriting and stick to the word limit provided in the question paper. Overwriting can not only waste time but also make the answer irrelevant and confuse the examiner. Therefore, candidates should ensure that they write only what is necessary to answer the question.

Practice Handwriting

Handwriting is an essential factor in the UPSC exam. Candidates should practice their handwriting regularly and aim to write neatly and legibly. Good handwriting can not only make the answer more presentable but also help the examiner read and understand it more easily.

Why Write Faster in Your UPSC Exam?

The exam consists of three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interview, and it tests the candidate’s knowledge, analytical skills, and ability to think critically. Writing faster during the exam can be a notable advantage for aspirants, and here are some reasons why:

Time Management

Time management is a crucial aspect of the UPSC exam, and candidates need to finish the paper within the given time. Writing faster can help aspirants to complete the paper on time, which means they can attempt more questions and increase their chances of scoring well.

Covering More Topics

The UPSC exam covers a vast syllabus, and aspirants need to have a good understanding of various subjects. Writing faster can enable aspirants to cover more topics, which means they can attempt questions from different areas of the syllabus.

More Time for Revision

Writing faster can give aspirants more time to revise their answers. Revision is essential as it helps to rectify errors and improve the quality of answers. If aspirants can write faster, they can spend more time revising their answers, which can significantly improve their overall score.

Handling Pressure

The UPSC exam is known for its difficulty and competitiveness, which can lead to stress and pressure. Writing faster can help aspirants to handle the pressure, as they can attempt more questions in the given time, which can boost their confidence.

Confidence Boost

Writing faster and completing the paper within the given time can give aspirants a sense of accomplishment, which can boost their confidence. This confidence can help aspirants to perform better in subsequent exams, and also in the interview stage.

FAQs Regarding UPSC and Writing Skills

1. How to improve your writing skills for the UPSC exam?

Answer: Some ways to improve your writing skills for the UPSC exam include reading extensively, practicing writing essays and answers, analyzing the structure and language of successful essays, and seeking feedback from mentors or peers.

2. Is handwriting important in the UPSC exam?

Answer: Yes, handwriting is essential in the UPSC exam, as it is the medium of communication between the candidate and the examiner. Candidates should ensure that their handwriting is legible, neat, and consistent throughout the exam.

3. Can I use a pen or a pencil for the UPSC exam?

Answer: Candidates should use only a black ballpoint pen for writing their answers in the UPSC exam. Pencils can be used for drawing diagrams or rough work


The UPSC exam requires candidates to write long answers, essays, and reports within a limited time frame. Therefore, writing speed is a crucial factor in achieving success in this exam. Candidates can improve their writing speed by practicing writing regularly, planning their time, using simple language, using abbreviations, using diagrams and flowcharts, reading the question carefully, using short paragraphs, writing in points, avoiding overwriting, and practicing handwriting. By following these tips, candidates can write faster and more accurately in the UPSC exam and increase their chances of success.

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