The First Tech Job

Revature Discusses Important Pointers For Increasing The Chances of Landing The First Tech Job


Career changers are commonly drawn to the field of tech, and for a very good reason. It is a pretty interesting and innovative field of work, with lucrative salaries and a host of job openings at any given time.  But this does not mean that one can just fill out job applications, appear for an interview and get a tech job. They need to properly prepare themselves to be well-suited for a role in this industry by getting trained at companies like Revature, as well as honing their soft skills.

Revature shares insights into the factors that can help people to land a good job in the tech industry

The very first step to get a job in the tech industry would obviously be to get the relevant training. However, when one is learning a programming language, the aim should not simply be to learn the language as fast as possible. Rather, they must focus on how to break down problems in the language and understand abstract ideas. These skills can prove to be valuable as one continues to learn new languages and technologies. One should also be proactive about working on increasingly complex applications. They must try to dig deeper into concepts, instead of just knowing them on the surface level. Inquisitiveness and curiosity are valuable skills for a tech professional.

To get a job in the tech field, one must also learn basic soft skills and none their communication capabilities, alongside coding skills. After all, there is a lot of difference between having technical knowledge, and being actually ready to contribute to a tech team. Knowing how to code means know how to write a program, and one can easily become an expert in doing so through companies like Revature. However, to be a software engineer at a tech firm means that one has to properly communicate and collaborate with others, competently learn new skills, and become a part of the technical community. Both technical and soft skills are needed to improve the overall employability of a person. Most companies would prefer hiring a friendly and collaborative team player, than someone who is well-trained but is unable to adjust with the coworkers.

Even though most software developers do not have a client facing role, having good communication skills is extremely important for their job. When working as a team, developers must make sure that each member understands the vision for the project, individual responsibilities and standard practices for accomplishing tasks. While programming may involve solitary time in front of the computer, developers are also likely to spend a good amount of time collaborating with peers. Hence, they need to know how to communicate their ideas efficiently, accept feedback and be accommodating of the opinion of others.

A good way to practice and demonstrate teamwork skills would be to go meet-ups and contribute to open source. There are many tech events where one can find other aspiring developers and get the chance to work on a side project with them. Open-source projects are also a good way to collaborate with others, while gaining real-world experience in the field.

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